Xamarin.Forms шаг за шагом


Xamarin.Forms — это полноценный кроссплатформенный инструмент с UI для разрабочиков на .NET, который позволяет построить нативные приложения для Android, iOS и UWP(Universal Windows Platform), используя популярный язык C# в среде Visual Studio.

Начальный старт

Данный пункт руководства позволит стартовать изучение Xamarin.Forms. На данном этапе необходимо убедиться, что все нужные для работы инструменты корректно установлены и будет построено первое приложение на Xamarin.Forms.

  1. Требования для работы с Xamarin.Forms
  2. Привет, Xamarin.Forms
  3. Привет, Xamarin.Forms Multiscreen
  4. Введение в Xamarin.Forms
  5. Начинаем с Xamarin University
  6. Связанные ссылки


Build user interfaces declaratively and share across mobile and desktop platforms.

  1. XAML Basics
  2. XAML Compilation
  3. XAML Previewer
  4. XAML Namespaces
  5. XAML Markup Extensions
  6. Field Modifiers
  7. Passing Arguments
  8. Bindable Properties
  9. Attached Properties
  10. Resource Dictionaries

Application Fundamentals

Everything you need to know to build Xamarin.Forms apps, such as working with files, images, databases, and more.

  1. Accessibility
  2. App Class
  3. App Lifecycle
  4. Behaviors
  5. Custom Renderers
  6. Data Binding
  7. Dependency Service
  8. Effects
  9. Files
  10. Gestures
  11. Localization
  12. Local Databases
  13. Messaging Center
  14. Navigation
  15. Templates
  16. Triggers
  17. Related Links

User Interface

Learn about the complete set of user interface controls available in Xamarin.Forms XAML.

  1. Animation
  2. BoxView
  3. Button
  4. Colors
  5. Controls Reference
  6. DataPages
  7. DatePicker
  8. Graphics
  9. Images
  10. Layouts
  11. ListView
  12. Maps
  13. Picker
  14. Slider
  15. Styles
  16. TableView
  17. Text
  18. Themes
  19. Visual State Manager
  20. WebView
  21. Related Links

Platform Features

Working with Xamarin.Forms platform features, such as Custom Renderers, and other important features of each release.

  1. Android
  2. Application Indexing and Deep Linking
  3. Device Class
  4. iOS
  5. GTK
  6. Mac
  7. Native Forms
  8. Native Views
  9. Platform-Specifics
  10. Plugins
  11. Tizen
  12. Windows
  13. WPF


Cross-platform APIs for common tasks like file access, device info, hardware features, and more.

  1. Get Started with Xamarin.Essentials
  2. Feature Guides
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. API Documentation

Data & Cloud Services

Local and remote data storage and retrieval, and other cloud-based services.

  1. Understanding the Sample
  2. Consuming Web Services
  3. Authenticating Access to Web Services
  4. Synchronizing Data with Web Services
  5. Sending Push Notifications
  6. Storing Files in the Cloud
  7. Searching Data in the Cloud
  8. Storing Data in a Document Database
  9. Adding Intelligence with Cognitive Services

Deployment and Testing

Instructions for building and deploying your apps, and tips for testing them beforehand!

  1. Performance
  2. Automated Testing with Xamarin.UITest and App Center

Advanced Concepts & Internals

Additional information about Xamarin.Forms internals and assistance with features like localization and accessibility.

  1. Fast Renderers
  2. .NET Standard
  3. Dependency Resolution