Оценок пока нет How to using python venv environment for VS Code Jupiter extension

First you must install python extension with jupiter tools and editor by link or inside the editor Further you must create your env in your project folder and activate it and install ipykernel module by env pip Now we can create new kernel for our juputer documents Now go to our docs and do change […]

Оценок пока нет How to install Python 3.11 on Ubuntu 20.04 / Debian 11

The current last stable version available by link Download Python 3.11.2 source Download and extract the Python source code. Install the build tools Now, install the build tools. The build tools includes gcc, make, zlib, ssl libraries and other libraries Configure, make and make install Now run make. You can make the build using nproc, which […]

Оценок пока нет Что есть SQLAlchemy, Alembic и SQLModel?

Подробно про SQLAlchemy SQLAlchemy — это программная библиотека на языке Python для работы с реляционными СУБД с применением технологии ORM. Служит для синхронизации объектов Python и записей реляционной базы данных. SQLAlchemy позволяет описывать структуры баз данных и способы взаимодействия с ними на языке Python без использования SQL. Библиотека была выпущена в феврале 2006 под лицензией […]

Оценок пока нет CRON with python

Cron system based on python module pycron and command tool tmux. For firs you must create tmux session fro pycron script and run in tmux terminal this script All code files Пожалуйста, оцените материал Sample rating item

Оценок пока нет Remote/local connect to Postgres DB via Python

The first we must install psycorg2 lib for postgres db manipulation via our python script In second we must be check to connect our Postgres DB in local on our OS system or Server In third we can write our python script and check this again Full example as Python module Пожалуйста, оцените материал Sample […]

Оценок пока нет Cross platform selenium parsing with chrome/chromedriver

Today we will look at an example of parsing posts from social systems in which a keyword is mentioned. For this we will use the service The service offers paid and shareware usage rates. We need a free one. The relevant links are: -free — shareare with limit 100 request What does […]

Оценок пока нет Converting x,y coordinates to latitude, longitude for google map with pyproj4 lib

First of all, we need to find out the data of our region by link Example geo meta data for Israel Next, we need to install the library pyproj4 Now we write code for python for converting data Good day :)! Пожалуйста, оцените материал Sample rating item

Оценок пока нет Insert bulk data into table in Django/PostgreSQL

There are other ways how to add a large amount of data, this method is suitable if the number of rows does not exceed 10,000 and assumes that your server is able to withstand these requests Пожалуйста, оцените материал Sample rating item

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